Barcelona - 21st of june 2009


SonarKids, conceived by Sonar is a new family entertainment proposal to develop activities, events and cultural products designed for children and parents. 

SonarKids adapts the spirit and philosophy of Sonar to a family audience. After 15 years, Sonar has become a brand of quality as an international reference for cultural activities related to new technologies and cutting edge artistic creation. 

Musictechnology and formation are the basis of this new cultural, educative and recreational proposal. The aim of SonarKids is originality and innovation, to create contents that encourage the younger ones to take interest, discover and participate. SonarKids promotes creative conduct through proposals and rich content that favour interaction between children and parents. 

The thought behind SonarKids is for kids and parents to learn by enjoying music, arts and technology in a totally different and innovative way. Conceived for a new generation of parents who wish to share their free time with their children, those parents who are looking for a way to combine their lifestyles and share their interests, those who go to concerts and exhibitions, and love travelling... and wish to enjoy it all with their offspring. 

The first SonarKids project was the production of the SonarKids Festival, which took place in Barcelona last June, bringing together more than 5.300 people of all ages to a day of festivities featuring more than 35 activities. A musical line-up packed with top level artists, including Laurent Garnier, Puppetmastaz, Beardyman and the trio La Mala + Griffi + M’Baka

As well as musical performances, SonarKids is full of activities related to music and art and created for the younger members of the household: dj and beatboxing classes, a hip-hop dance master class, modern portrait drawing by Jordi Labanda, workshops on illustration, building with Lego, felt dolls and objects, finger skating and new media installations. 

The success of the first SonarKids Festival confirms the good will and wealth of the proposal: both contemporary and creative, leisure and entertainment for the modern day family.


Laurent Garnier, Puppetmastaz, Raster Noton, Beardyman, Griffi + M'baka featuring Mala Rodríguez, AGF, Miqui Puig, DJ2D2, MouseUp, Guille de Juan


Of course, music is a central feature of SonarKids. The festival line-up includes top level artists whose styles have been adapted or even created especially for a day as unusual as this one.

Dancing, learning and having a good time – that’s the formula. Laurent Garnier, who was at the first Sónar and who has also wanted to be at the first SonarKids, will be using his savoir-faire to that end. It will be a major challenge for the French dj. It will also be a challenge for the hip-hop trio consisting of La Mala Rodríguez, Griffi and M’Baka. And of course, for Puppetmastaz, the German puppet group which is a perfect combination of fun and musical quality, and has extensive experience with young audiences.

At his side, the German AGF who compiles her playful melodies with, apart from her voice and words, the beatboxer and showman Beardyman, prodigal dominator of human voice, capable of making any imaginable sound with his vocal chords, will astound the public as sure as he will have done the previous night in the SonarClub, for a much bigger audience and one different to that of SonarKids.

In its musical line-up, SonarKids also includes two djs who are also fathers and who know a lot about making kids dance and enjoy themselves: MouseUp and Guille de Juan.

And two final special sessions: one by Miqui Puig, musician, singer, inveterate music lover, media personality and a dj who is versatile as few others are, who will delight the kids with his know-how on the decks; and one by DJ2D2, who will be combining music and images in a session including clips from films, television series and programmes, so that those present can dance at the same time as looking at and remembering moments that are bound to surprise everyone.

Creative experiences

Modern Portraits, Midi Frameworks Workshop, Drawing in Space, Drawing Machine, Felt doll workshop, Construction Workshop, Skating and Fingerskating Workshop, DJ Workshop, Beatbox Workshop, Hip-hop dancing masterclass, SonarMàtica


SonarKids is full of stimuli and areas designed so that the younger members of the family will have a great time, experimenting with all types of disciplines and games.

To that end, we have created a series of workshops which will delight children; some will be open all day long and others will have more established start and finish times. 

One of them will be the Drawing Machine, an extraordinary invention which will include workshops organised by Lolo & AgenteMorillasComte d’Urgell and ElisaSmile & Duduà; in the same territory as the drawings is the presence of the famous illustrator Jordi Labanda, who is very popular among younger audiences, and who will be drawing modern portraits of the kids and interacting with them to show them his tricks and secrets. 

Of course, several of these creative experiences have a lot to do with music, including the workshops on djing (with HD Substance) and beatboxing (the art of making sounds and rhythms with your voice, with MarkoOz), and the dance masterclass with Unity Common. There will also be an area for skateboarding and its little brother, fingerskating, the new sensation that is causing a sensation with the kids. 

As well as all this, SonarKids includes the installations and works presented in SonarMàtica, which this year is entitled "Mecanics", and looks at the fascinating world of musical instruments built using robotics and technology. "Mecanics", which will take up an entire floor of the CCCB's main building, will enable children to take a close look and interact in a fun and creative way with a new means of understanding musical instrumentation and composition, so that they can learn while they watch, listen or handle some of the some interfaces, new software and installations in the exhibition.