Barcelona - 12th and 13th of june 2010


SonarKids closes its second edition with successful attendance and participation numbers.

6565 people came to the weekend events at the music and creative experiences festival for children and parents created by Sonar. 

Concerts, dj sets, beat boxing and hip hop classes, skate and finger skate workshops, drawing, architecture and sewing, brought children of all ages together to fill the spaces at the MACBA  and CCC Barcelona. 

The beat boxer MarKooz, artist Jimi Tenor, dance groups Brodas Bros and Unity Common, Joan Miquel Oliver, the Electrotoylets, Guillamino, Undo, Señorlobo Ferroz, el Chavo and Dj Xarly Brown, all took part on the main stage, along with The Pinker Selectors and Rainer Truby who played the vibrant closing sets.

As well as the concerts and dj sets, the children took part in various creative workshops: dressmaking with designer Josep Abril, wall painting with illustrator Jordi Labanda, building and construction in the architecture workshop with Apartmento Magazine, bag making with the group SirenaConJersey, urban art practise with the popular artist Lolo and understanding contemporary art with Jordi Ferreiro and Fito Conesa. The older children got the chance to have their first spin on the turntables courtesy of the dj workshops by Microfusa, took part in beat boeing classes with Marcooz, and also demonstrated their skate and finger skate skills.

One of the most visted and successful workshops of the festival was 0 >100 that of the musician Guillamino in the MACBA Auditorio. The artist showed the little ones how to compose their own pieces with their own beats and instruments, and was linked up simultaneously to three other workshops in Olot, Granollers and Lleida by ‘L’Anella Cultural de la Generalitat de Catalunya.’


Brodas Bros “Snippet”, Jimi Tenor, The Pinker Selectors, Joan Miquel Oliver, Rainer Trüby, Electrotoylets, Guillamino, Markooz, Txarly Brown, El Chavo, Undo, SeñorloboFeroz

Music returns to centre stage at the second SonarKids festival. Once again, all the artists participating in the line-up have adapted their usual musical approaches to the special audience attending this festival. In some cases, they have even created new shows and styles for their performances, which fit the taste of the audience's younger members like a glove.

The Finnish multi-instrumentalist Jimi Tenor and the Majorcan Joan Miquel Oliver (the driving force behind the renowned Antonia Font), with special concerts for the occasion, and the singer, songwriter from Barcelona Guillamino are some of the highlights in the line-up. Meanwhile, Electrotoylets will surprise parents and children with their mixture of electronic and traditional Catalan music using toy instruments and other pieces of junk.

The Pinker Tones become The Pinker Selectors for SonarKids, with their approach that brings together the soundtracks of all generations; the famous german dj Rainer Trüby will make us all dance with his tropical electronics; Txarly Brown, the man behind the “Achilifunk” compilations, will be reviewing the best of yesterday's and today's rumba for everyone to enjoy; while the versatile and adventurous djs SeñorloboFerozEl Chavo and Undo will be painstakingly choosing their music in order to make the whole family dance.

Dance once again has an important role at SonarKids, which this time around features the special participation of the hip-hop dance company Brodas Bros, who will be adapting their successful work of the same name. SonarKids will also show the exciting and surprising vocal rhythms of Markooz, the beatboxing maestro.

What's more, you can get a taste of the burgers that Paco Guzmán of the 'Santa' restaurant has especiallly prepared for the SonarKids menu.

Creative experiences

0 > 100, Unity Common, Vestidos Rojos, Colorea el Mural, Taller de Arquitectura, Taller de Street Art, Taller de Djs, Taller de Beatbox, Superbolsas, El Cuerpo como Materia, Clásicos del videojuego, Skate, Fingerskate


SonarKids features numerous creative activities and workshops. Some of them are specifically designed for parents and children to be able to enjoy the experience together, while in others the boys and girls at SonarKids will be doing it for themselves

Each of these creative experiences is directed and organised by artists and specialists in each discipline. This year, those participating at SonarKids include the fashion designer Josep Abril, the illustrator Jordi Labanda, the multidisciplinary artists Jordi Ferreiro, Fito Conesaa and Lolo, the collectives Eina Skateboard and Fingerskate, the accessories designers SirenaConJersey, the people behind the Apartamento Magazine, the sound school Microfusa, the beatboxer Markooz and the dance masterclass by Unity Common. They will all be contributing their experience in workshops designed to stimulate the creativity of the family's younger members. 

At this second festival, the workshops have been expanded and improved, and almost all of them will take place indoors, inside the Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum (MACBA), with air conditioning to make the experience more comfortable. The exception will be the spaces given over to skateboarding, located in the Pati de les Dones, which will have longer routes and circuits for different children's age groups. 

In order to make the festival more comfortable, there will be several information guides at SonarKids to clear up any possible doubts among those attending, and those carrying out the workshops will have trained monitors in order to be able to help with the artists' work, and to make sure that the whole family is entertained. 

What's more, you can get a taste of the burgers that Paco Guzmán of the 'Santa' restaurant has especiallly prepared for the SonarKids menu.