SonarKids Cosmocaixa

22nd and 23rd of december 2012

Creative experience

Sound sculpture

SonarKids returns on the weekend of 22nd & 23rd December with a huge sound installation on the slope of CosmoCaixa Barcelona

A participative tour around the almost 20 meter high slope of CosmoCaixa. Children and parents will have the opportunity to construct and make sounds with the different pieces, putting together therefore an immense organic sound installation created on site and hand crafted with elements such as wood, fishing line, pendulums and magnets.


Artists Lolo and Sosaku will take charge of the giant installation on the slope by building from the dozens of hand crafted and interactive sound installations, created according to the laws of physics. A total of 200 small microphones produced by these 37 individual instruments.


An hour long route where children and parents will be able to experiment with simple instruments to create rhythms, and other more complex instruments to create melodies, in order to discover in a practical way the creation of music at the hands of physics.


To take part a pre-inscription is required as there are limited places. Access to the slope will be made in small groups every 30 minutes.


CosmoCaixa may also be visited with the ticket to SonarKids.