SonarKids info

SonarKids is the new formula for family fun, conceived by Sónar for showcasing cultural activities, events and products for children and parents. 


SonarKids adapts the Sónar philosophy and spirit to a family focus. Sónar has become a high quality brand and an international touchstone for cultural activities linked to new technologies and cutting edge artistic creation.

Music and technology are the cornerstones of this new idea in culture, entertainment and learning. SonarKids uses originality and innovation to create content encouraging an interest in discovering new inspirations among younger audiences. SonarKids fosters creative behaviour by means of enriching ideas and situations that encourage interactivity between children and parents.

SonarKids is designed for children and parents to learn by enjoying music, art and technology in an original and innovative way. It is conceived for a generation of parents who want to share a way of spending their free time with their children. Parents who are looking for a way to combine their lives and share their interests, who go to concerts and exhibitions, and travel... and who want to enjoy it all with their children. 

SonarKids was born in 2009 as a music festival and creative experiences for children and parents. Since then it has been changing its format to suit different artistic and spaces-from a museum to a beach-always with the reference of music and technology as cornerstones.