Parc Tecnològic - 18th of December - Nou Barris Barcelona 2016


SonarKids presents a day of video mapping at the Parc Tecnològic of Nou Barris.

Video mapping is a technique that allows projection of moving images onto geometrical figures such as cubes, prisms and pyramids, or onto 3D surfaces such as the facade of a building. Using advanced video editing software, the image fits perfectly onto the surface.  Led by Desilence art studio, the workshop will teach families the entire process, from drawing, video creation and the projection of the final video onto cardboard structures.  

The activity divides in 5 parts::
1. Welcome and explanation at the Auditorium
2. Creation of contents through a staff of drawing
3. Creation of contents with video
4. Edition of videos
5. Mapping of the structure and final show 

Because all the families can take part in all the process of creation, will organise 4 groups that will go through the different parts of the project.

Age: from 4 years old
Time: from 11am until 13.30pm

Free entrance.
Limited capacity



Desilence is one of the visual teams more active of Barcelona, formed by the couple Tatiana Halbach and Søreindeer Christensen. Both bring more than a decade working in fields like the musician, the theatre or the fashion without putting never limits and renewing constantly his aesthetic speech.