Parents info is the Internet portal for the SonarKids universe, where children can find out all the information on SonarKids activities.


One of priorities of all the portal's content and services is to provide children with a space that is adapted to their needs in terms of content, and that poses no threat ot them. 

The same strict criteria apply to the advertising on the portal's pages. We do not accept advertising of adult content, or related to sex, nor which encourages violence or xenophobia. 

This portal can also be used to consult or exchange personal data relating to the children, or their parents or guardian. To guarantee security when exchanging this data, the parent or tutor will be asked to make the changes required on behalf of their son or daughter. When they are changed, the adult's name, surname and identity number will be amended. Data management can also be made by means of fax and traditional mail. To make the changes, these requests must be signed, and include the parent or guardian's identity number, and a fax number to provide a possible means for a response. 

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